Land:         Nederland
Website:   https://www.facebook.com/WELOVE2MUCHLIPSTICK?fref=ts

The best of all worlds in a DJ, or better in a female DJ Duo...because fashion, beauty, skills, music and looks is all about 2MuchLipstick!
Two girls who represent life and fun to the fullest. With a taste of 'chique', a bit of cool and a slice of 'sexy' they are the ones that spoil your dancefloor with great music, a good vibe and entertainment. Girls like looking at them, Boys love watching them and all together 2MuchLipstick will make you party like never before..With resident spots in the hottest clubs of Amsterdam, experience of playing in Dubai, Bali, Antwerp, Germany and Barcelona 2MuchLipstick is worldwide!! Added to that they have their own monthly club night at CLub REX Hilversum called Soiree Sublime.

In the club is all about music, but when 2MuchLipstick rocks the house...they make you look!

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