Adilio Porto
Adilio Porto

Land:         Brazilie

ADILIO PORTO (Dancer, Dance Teacher & Choreographer)
Adilio Porto has been working with dance since 1988. The start of his professional career in dance was marked when Jaime Aroxa invited him to enter Jaime's Dance Academy in Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro), after seeing Adilio dance at the 1st Lambada competition at 'Roxy Roller' ('Roxy Roller' was the first place for Lambada dance in Rio de Janeiro).
He joined Jaime Aroxa's dance company and started to work as a dance teacher at the academy. Adilio worked 10 years for Jaime and considers him as one of the best dancers in the world. He divides his dance career in two parts: before and after working with Jaime Aroxa.

After working with the Lambada dance, Adilio started to spread the rhythm of Zouk Love all over Brazil. This turned out to be a great success for both him and Jaime and together they started new dance academies in several cities all over Brazil. Adilio was sent out into Brazil to teach the rhythm of Zouk Love.

Adilio has participated in a lot of different events, such as congresses, movies, television, theater and shows. The media and teachers in Brazil regard Adilio as the best dancer and teacher of Brazilian Zouk and sSamba in the world.

Adilio taught most of the Zouk teachers in Brazil what they know; Claudio Gomes being one of these teacher taught by Adilio. The largest dance company specialized in Brazilian Zouk was owned by Adilio and is now managed by his former wife and dance partner Renata Pecanha.

Adilio currently works in Europe. It is his goal to use his experiences from Brazil to make the knowledge of Brazilian dances grow in Europe.
At the moment he is working with 'Salseros' He has 3 partners that help him with teaching the classes and doing shows: Vicky Derks, Josta Ruby and Cheryl Nankoe.

Outside of the Netherlands Adilio works with Katrine Kjul Ankerbye (Denmark), Stephane and renata Massaro (France) and 'Spiral Dance'and Dansa Brasil (Spain).Monica and Rachel (australia) and finish year go to Suriname congress
In the future Adilio would like to work in Belgium and London as well.

Adilio Porto says:"Let's think about dance and let's get united so that all people that do not dance will get to know dance and the joy it can bring. Long live dance. Life is much happier when we are dancing."

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