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My attraction and need to know more about the afro-latin rhythms and dances did actually help me to get also into salsa music and somehow without ever visiting south america understand and develop likeness for it. As latin legend Tito Puente once said, “the only salsa I know comes in a bottle. I play Cuban music”, origins of Salsa music are Cuban with the deep Afro-Cuban beats (Cuban Son, Guaracha, Rumba and Guaguanco) and later spread by cuban/puertorican immigrants to NY and rest of the central & south america. World music author Sue Steward has claimed that Salsa was originally used in music as a “cry of appreciation for a particularly piquant or flashy solo”. She cites the first use in this manner to a Venezuelan radio DJ named Phidias Danilo Escalona. Some doubt that the term salsa has any precise and unambiguous meaning, describing salsa as “at once (both) a modern marketing concept and the cultural voice of a new generation”, representative of a “crystallization of a Latino identity in New York in the early 1960s”.
These are four French documentaries from 1991 made by Yves Billonis about the origins of salsa music. They present interviews and performances that illustrate the contributions of New York, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Venezuela in the development of salsa music. From the ghettos of the NY to the tropical carnivals in latin america, salsa has always been and will be music of the people.
Some salsalicious live footages of pure latin grooves by Henry Fiol / Cuco Valoy / Jos Alberto /Joe Arroyo / Grupo Niche / Raices / Caderona and many others.
No english subtitles… Songs in Spanish and interviews in Spanish with French voice over.

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