Land:         The Netherlands

When I moved to Holland I fell in love with salsa and salsa dancing and learned my first salsa steps (Salsa Casino style also known in those days as Salsa Antilleana ) from respected Mr. Louis Contigo and a few years later Mr. Cees de Vroomen.

A few years later I was asked to teach Salsa (Casino Style) and I became a Salsa teacher, which I did with pleasure for about 5 years.

While organizing parties for my students after every dance course I became also fond of being a "deejay" and people started asking me to also perform at their parties.

After my "career"" as a dance teacher I continued with the Dj-ing and the result of the story is what you can see at this site.

Respect the music and respect the people.

In "real" life I work in the medical area as a strategisch purchaser and apart from being a DJ my greatest hobby is martial arts.

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