Bert on Beats
Bert on Beats

Land:         Estonia

Bert on Beats, a.k.a. DJ Critikal is the hottest new artist to release on
Berlin based label Man Recordings. The Tallinn, Estonia based DJ
fuses the rich legacy of UK bass science with the beat alchemy of
Angolan Kuduro and other „New World“ genres , establishing a transnational,
hyper-hybrid sound that directs towards the future.
In his hometown Tallinn, Estonia, Bert Prikenfeld has been a
househould name since the mid 1990s. Starting his career as DJ
Critikal, Bert soon became Estonia´s Nr.1 hip hop DJ, playing various
club shows every week, and starting to produce his own cuts. Bert soon
moved to Drum n´Bass and released his first album in 1999 which was
critically acclaimed in Estonia and Finland.
Throughtout the 00s, Critikal forged his sound engineering skills in
productions for various Finnish and Estonian music projects and
proceeded musically to early dub step and Baltimore club and the Rio
Baile Funk compilations and releases of Berlin DJ and Man Recordings
head Daniel Haaksman. When Haaksman initiated a remix contest for
his track „Kid Conga“ in 2009, Bert provided a remix under his new
moniker Bert On Beats. Haaksman immediately recognised the
production quality of Bert´s remix contest contribution and it became the
winning remix. Soon Haaksman asked for more tracks by Bert On Beats
and he was impressed by the fresh approach that Bert showed in fusing
dubstep basslines with the in-your-face aesthetic of Jump Up Drum
n´Bass and the wave of new, „ghetto“ genres like Kuduro, Baile Funk or
Soon Bert On Beats was officially signed to Man Recordings and with
„Suomo“ and „Alemão“he released two EPs which created a strong
buzz worldwide. For „Suomo“ Bert On Beats collaborated with the
Ghanan singer and MC Anbuley, for „Alemão“ he worked with São
Paulo based baile funk MC Gi – two tracks that illustrate the trans-globe
music approach from Bert On Beats. In between his single releases,
remixes followed for Buraka Som Sistema, Ku Bo, Gotan Project
(another remix contest won) or Sekta. His tracks currently get support
from world class DJs such as Sinden, Brodinski, Feadz, Foaomo or
Douster amongst others.
Wait for Bert On Beats album „ANTENNA OF TALLINN Feb/March

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