Charming's Pro
Charming's Pro

Land:         The Netherlands

 Marisa Lisse is the founder of the Agency Charming''s Pro
A connector at heart, is what she is. 10 years ago she started connecting business people with each other, organizing events and being a spokesperson for several organizations. Through here experience these 10 years she created a large network and helped building different brands to the next level. Marisa will bring your brand/ Event under the attention of your target group and create a new marketing plan that fits your wishes.
She is specialized in entertainment and Fashion. finished retail and visual merchandise degree. Starting as a dancer at the age of 9 and managing a party cafe for several years gave me a great insight of how the entertainment industry works. Marisa also had the opportunity to work for the large fashion brand H&M as a Visual Merchandiser and gained the skills how to style different individuals with different styles.

She is a Copy-director of the Inspiration Network and founder of , you can hire me as PR agent, Fashion Stylist and Empowerment trainer. My services are tailor made.

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