Denz Devarez
Denz Devarez

Land:         Nederland

He has been DJ ing now for some years, and has got much experience from club scenes all over the world. Due to low level of Quality House in his country he has started his own radio station with some partners. This station is called QHRADIO.NL. As the name of the station already mentions, the QH stand for Quality House. With this station Denz Devarez has found a way to work with his passion in promoting and supporting Quality House music. Maintaining contacts, labels, producers, DJ’s from around the globe, he has build a large network and during the last few years Denz Devarez has picked up a large fan base to the station. QHRadio is becoming the number 1 gateway between producers, labels and the housescene.

To promote the Quality House more, he also lets other radio stations broadcast his podcast. Weekly Denz Devarez does internet live shows, promotes music on divers network/ fan-based sites and maintains contact with his network.

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