Divana Jones
Divana Jones

Land:         Nederland
Website:   www.divanajones.com

 A new female in town is taking her city by storm that goes by the name of Divana Jones! This female just released her very first track exclusively on the heavy hitting electro label ‘Punk Kids Recordings’ alongside releases of Kid Kaio and Volkan Saki. After playing the hottest events and clubs in and around Rotterdam such as ‘Cinema’ in the legendary Feyenoord Rotterdam football stadium ‘De Kuip’ and hosting her own clubnight ‘Divana Jones & friends ́, she ́s slowly conquering her way into your music library.
Her second release has already gone into the pipeline of Punk Kids Recordings’ dense release schedule and it’s called ‘Dreamchaser’. Her follow up promises to be a true festival anthem with a lot of melancholy during the break, clashing into some aggressive signature go-hard synths in the drop.
As if that’s not enough there’s also a third banger on its way! There’s still lots of mystery surrounding this third release so make sure you keep an eye out for Divana Jones and Punk Kids Recordings on all of their social media as further details will be revealed.

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