Land:         Nederland
Website:   www.facebook.com/DJFLAVANL

If you are able to position yourself within the DJ-­world in recent years, you certainly know “how to run this”. It’s not only about endurance, or being able to move quickly. It is about how you do it, the results, while leaving a lasting impression. People notice you...oh yes. That is a real art: to attract people to you, to create fans. That can only occur with an own sound, you could almost call it a “signature walk” in this case: an own style. One that stands out.

Everyone can try this to run the show - BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW TO RUN BIG! And that is what Flava does with you, wherever he plays. With bookings throughout the entire country, his own RUN BIG concept, and dancefloors which – literally and metaphorically speaking in every corner -­ are being worked hard, are transformed when Flava comes to make the party!! A party where only big steps and leaps are made, where perhaps the girls make some sexy signature walks. Because it is clear that when Flava plays the ladies will be present!

If you also want to enjoy a brilliant eclectic set, the roof should come off and Flava will do this for every party!

Robin Banks for PR and management: www.robinbanks.nl

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