Glenn S
Glenn S

Land:         Nederland

From the age of 11 till 16 he was a professional breakdancer. At the young age of 15 he became a teacher at a local dancing school. For his breakdance shows he needed music. Messing around with Cool Edit Pro he would cut, paste, and mix his favourite tracks together. Not realizing this was his first ever mixing attend.

At a certain moment Glenn heard Funk Rule Supreme - Voodooz, taken from the Love and Dedication CD from dj Roog. He fell in love with this sound and bought the cd. Right there his journey into House Music started.

Glenn realised he wanted to do more with the music than only dance to it. And so he decided to stop breakdancing and buy a Numark Turntable DJ set. Now you could find him 2 / 3 times a week in the local vinyl shop and playing at birthday and school party's.

At the age of 16 he also started producing with Fruity Loops, Reason and Logic 5.5 on Windows. Trying to make some latinhouse beats.

3 Years later, in the beginning of 2008, he bought an iMac with Logic 8 to seriously begin making some quality sound.

2008 was also the year Glenn launched his label Otra Vez Recordings. At that time Glenn found that the Dutch labels were too electro oriented and that there was no place for his Deep, Afro, Latin and Soulful sound. Inspired by the french "Africanism" label he started his own imprint and Otra Vez was born.

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