Guerilla Crew
Guerilla Crew

Land:         Nederland
Well, The crew exists out of 2 people, Maarten Klijn and Harm Blankers. We are brought together by our love for moombathon and eclectic music.

For us this is a very special experience. We’ve started to produce music about a year ago and since then GUERILLA CREW has been one hell of an experience for the 2 of us.

We have discovered new clubs, amazing people and most of all we do what makes us happy. We’ve already been on stage with some great artists. We even had our name make an appearance on a festival! How’s that?

While we're having our gigs we’ve just a few simple goals. One of them is having all them booty shakin’.

In the future we hope to play in more clubs, meet more people and even discover more countries. So we can let more people witness the crazy experience we had with GUERILLA CREW so far.

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