Land:         The Netherlands
Website:   www.atproductions.com/extended/ifan

 I/Fan is the pop/dance project of song writer and singer Ivan Peroti. He has built up a name in the dance scene and is one of the most demanded vocalists from Holland. The dutch dance scene is mesmerized by his vocals and writing skills.

I/Fan, real name Ivan William Peroti, has a long history when it comes to music. His love for music goes back to his childhood. His mother played many classic gospel records of the great Mahalia Jackson, Edwin Hawkins & The Hawkins singers and Andrea Crouch, just to name a few. I/Fan’s father fanatically collected soul records. No wonder I/Fan developed his love for music at a young age.

I/Fan grew up in a Pentecostal church where music played a big role. Hismotherand sisterboth sang inchoirs. At home, singing was like breathing air. At the age of 10 I/Fan already wrote his own songs, however, he would hide his talented voice until the age of 13. Little did he know then that his talent would get him this far.

I/Fan developed into a great singer/songwriter/MC. His decision to focus on house music has really paid off in recent years and his big break came when his vocal and writing skills were featured on Funkerman’s smashes as “The One”, “We ruled the Night” and “Speed Up”. Since then he has written, and continues to write, many dance/pop hits.

He has written and featured on tracks from Lucien Foort, Marcello, Basto!, Nicky Romero, Rancido just to name a few. He has also written songs for the contenders from the first The Voice (of Holland) series, including the Winner Ben Saunders.

Together with Sven Figee, he wrote most of the songs on the Shary An album (The Voice Of Holland contender that made it to the last 8 ) and is now also the front man of the Sven Hammond Soul band in which he can show more of his soul/gospel roots. The plan is to also release a solo album under Ivan Peroti and that will be soul, gospel, and jazz with a bit of pop in 2012 as well.

Currently he’s working on songs for Greg van Bueren, Roog, the next album for Ben and Dean Sanders, and has been asked to write for Marco Borsato (one of Holland’s big selling artist).

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