Jay Da Silva
Jay Da Silva

Land:         Nederland
Ben Tuklang, also known as Jay DaSilva, fell in love with House music at the age of 9.

It started with hearing his friends and schoolteachers talking about Vato Gonzalez & DJ Chuckie. After doing the proper research he had a new love: MUSIC.
When he was 14 he bought his first DJ-set and began playing as “Benny Sanchez”.
He frequently visited the club Citylife in Reeuwijk where his football coach had a job as bartender. He started sending them his mixes and after 6 months he got his first gig. The crowd response was huge and Ben instantly knew he wanted more.

It was at this time that Ben started to work on producing his own tracks. It proved difficult at first but practice makes perfect and other DJ’s picked up on his sound and started spinning his tracks in their sets. As his network started to grow he played in different clubs in the Netherlands and eventually changed his name to Jay DaSilva focusing more on Latin House instead of Dutch House.

He joined the Essential Artists Contest in early 2012 and made it to the Finals which were held in Bungalow 8, Amsterdam. He was the youngest participant being only 16 years old. Both SXY Events and Essential Artists were very impressed, a few months later he was invited to play at the EA Talents stage at one of the Sexy on the Beach editions. It was at this point that Ben’s profile skyrocketed and SXY Events took him on their Sexy Mother Fucker Summer tour in Lloret de Mar, Spain.
Jay DaSilva or “the prince of drums” is now a force to be reckoned with behind the turntables and in the studio. He’s released multiple tracks over the last couple of years, did some high profile gigs and is now more motivated than ever to make sure he is at the top of everyone’s radar!

The Prince of Drums is coming ……

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