Kal el
Kal el

Land:         Curaçao
Kal El........ Like he says himself,
bringing it live with a vocal twist. As young boy listening to artists like
Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly and Sade, he got inspired and thought himself how to sing.
When he was 12 years old Kal El started playing the voilin. Later on he became
the leadsinger of a soul/funkband.

His mcing career started when friend
and collegue MC D'Jo introduced him to MC Spyder and Jay Keles, whom than put
him on the spot at ‘Shake Up’ in the Mansion, one of the Classiest spots in
Amsterdam. His performance was a huge success. Since than had the chance to get
together with his old friend DJ Cream and became resident MC at a strictly house
party ‘Heerlijk’ from SFFRMKRS.

Some of the parties he hosted like Latin
Brutality, DANS, Salsa Breeze, Shake Up, Listed, ATOD, gave him the chance to
work with dj’s like Groovemaster Johnson, Gregor Salto, Real Canario, The VINYL
CRU, Simon Titus, DJ Lin, Carita la Nina, Artful Dodger and BIGGI. His residenties are with DEJAVU EVENTS and Salsa Breeze.

In 2009 his vocals
could be heard on the track ‘Her Name Is’ by the up and coming DJ Ralph
Laurentius and was also supported by Roger Sanchez on RELEASE YOURSELF Vol. 9

So if you are ready for a good time, stay tuned for the voice of MR Kal El.

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