Marc Rowland
Marc Rowland

Land:         Nederland

Marc MacRowland is a future hero of house. With 14 years experience on the scene under his belt he is turning heads with monster tracks, trendsetting sound choices and a frightening amount of natural ability.

MacRowland exploded fully into the public consciousness in 2011 when he released The Final Countdown. An inspired reworking of the epic eighties anthem by hair metal heroes Europe, it is a pumped-up progressive house banger that has ‘packed room’ and ‘huge crowd’ written all over it.

The tune, released on Spinnin’ Records, successfully takes the very best elements of the original record and repackages it for a new generation. Its explosive nature hasn’t gone unnoticed, with support from a vast crop of internationally recognised DJs and stacks of airplay at clubs around the world.

But this recent global smash is just a small piece of the Marc MacRowland tale. His story begins in Rotterdam, when at the age of 16 he discovered an extraordinary talent for mixing records. He had found his calling, and from there never once looked back.

His first big break wasn’t far away. He entered a DJ contest at famous Rotterdam club Nighttown with the hopes of getting a toehold in the industry. With a slot at the Fast Forward Dance Parade up for grabs and Ferry Corsten and Michel de Hey on the judging panel, the stakes were high. MacRowland blew away the competition to claim first place and went on to play to a crowd of 50,000 party minded people at the Dutch equivalent of the Loveparade – an unbelievable opportunity.

Determined not to let such a chance to shine go to waste, MMR threw himself into performing with his heart and soul. His hard work and raw talent didn’t go unnoticed and he was soon rewarded with a residency at the Ministry of Dance in Rotterdam and bookings across the country.

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