Mastiksoul (PRT)
Mastiksoul (PRT)

Land:         Portugal

MastikSoul started his career in 92, in a time where his life was split between Portugal and France, and from where he watched the raise of a new musical culture, that in association with his strong African roots designed his talent in a unique form.

In the late 90’s, house music became his main inspiration. His vision and his style, both clearly reflect his origins, very percussive and tribal, and recently, with his musical productions, has been truly noticed and acclaimed by some of the biggest house names in the scene such as Tony Thomas, Tom Stephan, Grant Dell, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Layo, Circulation, Justin Drake from Peace Division, and also by the Uk´s main dance press like Mixmag, Jockey Slut and Dj Magazine. Nowadays he is not only very successful as a dj, but also does a very good job in producing.

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