MC Spyder
MC Spyder

Land:         Nederland

MC Spyder is a all round MC with all styles of dance music...he blesses the mic with some of the best DJ's around the world..from sounds like House, Garage, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, EDM, Jungle terror and everything in-between...
Mc Spyder started out in the UK playing a variety of clubs, parties and bars, pushing his unique voice and sound with his team of creators such as DJ Timmy Boomkat, MJ Cole and many other producers of the modern sound we all know today. As one of the people to introduce XXX to the UK garage sound, he has evolved as the times changed continuing to push his limits, offering the next level of what he has been exposed to in his wide spread travels. Spyder has been a fixture of the Amsterdam music scene for over 1o years. Working Groovemaster Johnsons party “Bubbleclub” in 98 as well as being a resident of the legendary RoXY. He was the host/MC of parties like SpeedFreax, Dancevalley, Latin Village, Extrema, Drumm Rhythm Festival, The City Is Ours, MysteryLand, The Rotterdam Dance Parade and many more unique gigs along the way. More recently he has been working on the UK Funky and Shake Up and H&G Projects in venues all around Holland such as Escape, Rex, Manhattan, Club Noa as well as many other pop up gigs to keep things fresh. You can catch Spyder DJ'ing all around the EU under the name Vinyl Cru ( or under his real name Simon Titus. Never being one to be tied down to one spot, Spyder is always traveling and promoting the scene and music he loves so much, as well as pushing his limits by working in Television and Radio.

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