Motafied Beatz & MC Me
Motafied Beatz & MC Me

Land:         The Netherlands

When Key-J switched from artist/producer to producer, Motafied Beatz was born in January 2009. Meanwhile, Mootz was stepping his game up as an Capeverdean/Eclectic DJ. Together with DJ Elmer Lopes they we're the first to promote the Motafied exclusive tracks. Within 6 months Motafied Beatz became one of the most wanted sounds in Holland growing international. Key-J and Mota we're busy planning Mota's comeback as a house DJ to be different from every other DJ. The solution was the Motafied sound and a very own MC, without hesitation they knew the right man would be Tony Almeida now known as MC Me.

As 'So Sabi' became a national hit, DJ Mota and MC Me released an exclusive live house mix called 'Motamorphosis' with only Motafied bangers in November 2009. In a very short time these guys put a stamp in Rotterdam city. With the support of Gregor Salto, who gave them the upportunity to release So Sabi at G-Rex Music, the Motafied sound went international. A sound well known in all clubs around the world. As Mootz and Mota rocked a few gigs together they knew they could become a dangerous and unstoppable duo, but all those different names (DJ Mootz, DJ Mota and Motafied Beatz) we're confusing. A hard decision was made end June 2010... The fall of the names DJ Mootz and DJ Mota and the rise of a three talented blood brothers as Motafied Beatz with the talented, free styling MC... Motafied Beatz & MC Me, the best of 4 worlds!

The name Motafied Beatz is similar to the surname Mota, origin of the Boyz In Black. Motafied Beatz isn't just entertainment... it's a movement, that's 'Motavated'!

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