Ricky Rivaro
Ricky Rivaro

Land:         Nederland
Website:   www.djguide.nl/djinfo.p?djid=724

Ricky Rivaro is not what you on first hearing would call a Dutch name. One might expect a mysterious Latin guy or a dark beardy Spaniard instead of a down to earth Dutchman. It is the kind of name you don't come up with if you are completely sober. No wonder Ricky Rivaro is the result of a brainstorm night full of dope and liquor with a couple of friends! During the week Ricky Rivaro works at ID&T Music, a successful record company specialized in dance & entertainment. Besides this he shares the love for his music in his own show True House Music' every Monday evening on ID&T Radio, the only national radio station which broadcasts 24/7 dance. Doing this show is his second love, spinning records his first. Ricky Rivaro has been playing for over eleven years and in this time he has performed on numerous stages. Parties like Innercity, Convertible, Mystery Land , Studio 54 and Shagadelic for instance, not to forget the famous BeachPop parties at the beach of Bloemendaal. Naturally there are many more clubs that Rivaro played in, such as the Amsterdam based More and Hotel Arena Tonight.

When it comes to his choice of records, Ricky Rivaro is inspired by some legendary heroes. The US house DJ's Erick Morillo, Sandy Rivera and Roger Sanchez have been his favourites for years. He listens a lot to sets they have been playing, not to copy their sound but to understand why they do the things they do. This enables Ricky Rivaro to create his own vision and unique style like they do. With his teachers' in mind, its no wonder that the sets of Ricky Rivaro are full with vocal house, but you will hear him play a techhouse or techno track just as easily in between. Just like the DJ's he admires, Ricky Rivaro keeps no limitations when it comes to his choice of records. As long as the groove is there. Like many DJ's, Rivaro wants to be a producer himself as well. To release groovy records of his own is one of his goals for the time to come and he is already a frequent visitor of the studio. This has a high priority and he spends a lot of time and effort in it to be able to release a number of records. Because of his profession he has a lot of good contacts with already arrived producers who are willing to participate with him on new projects. Therefore Rivaro expects a lot of his future releases, which of course will be house records.

The future looks bright for the self-confident ambitious DJ. Only 26 he has performed on the big stages so the word nervous has no meaning to him anymore. When asked about his best qualities as a DJ, Rivaro has no trouble answering. "I am a progressive DJ, innovating, daring and wide in my choice of records. I can play energetic and I always play some of the latest records. I think I have a good sense of quality when it comes to music and I always have a good interaction with the audience. Last but not least, I know what the ladies want, on the dance floor that is important.

Those qualities are noticed by various organizations and promoters because Ricky Rivaro gets more offers to play day by day. This is partly caused by his radio show and partly by spinning on large events throughout the country. Also this year he will bring the sun along in his record case on his search for people who are fond of his cheerful warm summery sound once again.

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