Land:         Nederland

This hardworking spinner is not content with having one of the most successful solo
careers in the dutch house scene; he is also part of two of the most successful and influential duos in the country, Hardsoul and Housequake.

Hardsoul (with brother Greg) were almost singlehandedly responsible for making soul¬ful and latin house popular in holland with their legendary sound of love & dedication series. internationally, the duo were the first dutch artists to be signed to the worlds most respected house label defected.

After the success of their first release ‘back together’ they toured the world for the
defected in the house concept, bringing them to the far corners of the world. In 2009 they were honoured with the task of making a defected in the house compilation which saw them join a very select group with the likes of masters at work, Martin Solveig, dennis ferrer and Bob Sinclar.

Roog also collaborates with fellow superstar DJ Erick E, giving birth to Housequake. House¬quake is a concept with a genuine stamp of quality, a movement which has snowballed, with the show played out on 5 decks and dvj players to create a sound and light extravaganza. This duo has headlined every big festival and created their own festival every year: the annual Housequake festival has a successful compilation series and a string of under¬ground hits.

DJ, producer, label owner, promotor, owner of a booking agency – it is simply impossible to summarize roog’s career in a few paragraphs, therefore click here for the full bio for more in-depth information on this industrious and dedicated DJ.

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