Land:         The Netherlands

‘Bringing love through music’ that’s what SoulRoots stands for. This duo which exist of both genders Safae Fazzari (Female) & Randy Matahelumual (Male) got a major love for deep, soulful and afro house music.
Since the start of 2011 this duo started working with eachother. Both were into music for quite some time, but never really felt the drive to reveal thereselfs and perform in front of audience. Until one time they talked with eachother and discussed the matter of teaming up. After a short period of practicing and getting to know eachother, SoulRoots was born. That was the beginning of their journey to spread love through music.
Musical heroes: Black Coffee // Culoe de Song // Larry Levan // Frankie Knuckles

Safae Fazzari (f) & Randy Matahelumual (m), also known as Soulroots. Characterized by their great love for Soulful Deep & Afro House they perform together as a duo. Passionate for more exposure of the sound, they decided to create a stage. Two concepts were created; Sinners & Saints and Liberation.


Passion, exclusivity, energy – these are some key words to identify Soulroots. Since the beginning of 2011 the duo has been working together, in that short time they have achieved great results. Thus, in 2012 they have performed at almost every conceivable location in Rotterdam and they even performed at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Currently, the focus of the duo is to produce music and therefore they spend many hours in the studio. Meanwhile they have been in the studio with Rancido, Mirko Rodic, Atmospheric Deep and Alvita. Thanks to these collaborations the duo is rapidly learning the tricks of the trade. Their first release is an official remix for the prolific producer Tuccillo and is set at the end of June.

Sinners & Saints

The concept is that the Saints and the Sinners meet each other and become one. At the start of the event the visitors have to make a choice. Are they sinners or are they saints? Sinners will get a black bracelet and saints will get a white one. The event has become a true platform for Soulful Deep & Afro House. With all this knowledge Safae & Randy decided to invent a new concept..


The mission to generate more exposure for Soulful Deep & Afro House continues. The new concept Liberation stands for freedom. Freedom to be yourself. Freedom to surrender yourself to the music. With freedom as a starting point the concept is written so the visitor can get acquainted with Soulful Deep & Afro House.

The plan is to host an event each quarter and to have an international artists perform at the event. The interest for Soulful Deep and especially Afro House is growing. Single keywords that will be the focus while organizing Liberation are: unity, maturity and simplicity.

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