Viva la Diva
Viva la Diva

Land:         Nederland
A true diva tries to achieve what she wants in life with style and class and won’t let people get in her way. Viva la Diva nee Anouska van Smaalen is a true embodiment of unwavering persistence and has been making her name in the competitive and male dominated European DJ industry. When she’s on the playbill, you are guaranteed the time of your life. Viva la Diva will take you on an eclectic musical journey that infuses Caribbean and Latin American flavors with pulsing Dance rhythms, where in no time she will have you swinging on your feet.
orn Anouska Melissa Louisa van Smaalen on June 1st, 1989 in Lelystad, music was always an intricate part of her upbringing. “My dad plays the saxophone, my brother is a rapper/producer and my uncle had a keyboard in the attic that we used to practice songs on”, she recalled. Growing up, Anouska was a quiet child, however when it involved music, she immediately came to life. She would host her own radio shows with self-made cassettes and played those on the loud speakers, so she could talk over them. “Back in the day, my brother owned a turntable and I was convinced that I could scratch, so every time I would break the needles, which were very expensive”, she recalled with a smile. “I would also tape video clips and would sing along with the songs and dance in front of the TV”, she admitted.

Anouska grew up surrounded by lots of music and even danced ballet, jazz and street dance for many years. She started with music lessons at the age of six, and experimented with several instruments before settling on the keyboard. "Besides music I loved the outdoors and you could find me playing football or basketball with the neighborhood boys", she shared. Anouska always found her inspiration in music, which on itself was her biggest motivator to continue in the music industry and often preformed the songs she "I was in several dance and musical groups. Music has always been the common thread in my life", she shared.

Regardless of any setback she might have experienced on her journey, her family and partner Tirzah continuously pushes her to not give up. “Lady Bee has been a huge inspiration and is a big example for me as a female DJ. Besides being an amazing DJ that makes wonderful music, she always stands her ground and does what she needs to do.”, she continued.

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