Land:         Nederland
Website:   djwaxfiend.com

Waxfiend the champion you see! A sample that you hear a lot in dj Waxfiend notorious sets and theres a good reason for that. With his tear-the-club dj sets throughhout the Netherlands, regular international gings, famous mixcds spreading globally and as the promoter and founder of Jamrock (on of Hollands most succesful parties nowadays) Its hard to argue with this.

Dj WaxFiend (born Wesley Texel in 1983, Amsterdam) belongs to the top Urban/Dancehall DJ’s in Holland. He has rocked almost every club and venue in Holland (Paradiso, Off Corso, Bozzini, Tivoli, Jimmy Woo etc) and he is now taking his crowd-rocking skills abroad as well. Different European countries like Germany, Spain, the UK and Sweden as well as Caribbean countries like Saint Maarten, Aruba & Surinam are amongst the list of places where WaxFiend turned clubs upside down.

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