Land:         The Netherlands
Website:   www.goodlife-entertainment.nl

DJ Yuchi is a household name in the Salsa-scene in Holland. Not just in his home-town of Nijmegen, but all across the Netherlands is he known for his ability to get the dance floor going. Wherever he goes you know you’ll get the Yuchi vibes.

Not only does he have extensive knowledge of the music he plays, but he can read the crowd like the back of his hand playing to their every needs and giving them the right buzz to go home recharged and satisfied after a good night out.

Latin & Caribbean
These skills have led to several residencies as a DJ as well as monthly bookings all over the Netherlands. Not only does he have a love for Salsa music, but this love for music extends to all forms of Latin & Caribbean music. He is as much at ease in Merengue, Ritmo Kombina, Zouk & Bachata as he is in Salsa.
But this love of music extends beyond the realms of Latin & Caribbean music. DJ Yuchi is also very comfortable in mixing together R&B, Hip-Hop & Old School pop songs with the same flavor & vibe everybody knows him for, whether it be cd’s or vinyl.
So if you are looking for the right vibe you can always expect a unique & original vibe from DJ Yuchi. And at the same time, expect the unexpected.
DJ Yuchi, for all you Latin/Caribbean events as well as your hip-hop/R&B events.

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